High School Students Get The Gift Of "Hamilton"

February 28, 2017

Have you waited months to see Hamilton? Saved up $500 to watch the show on Broadway?


Well, if you attended high school in New York you would get a front row seat for somewhere around $10 per person according to the New York Times.


The Rockefeller Foundation allows students from various public schools in New York to see Hamilton and even get in on the action and take stage before the actual performers get to.


Wednesday afternoon at the Copacabana is unlike any other event that the Copacabana hosts.  All three floors of the Copacabana are filled with over 1,000 students waiting to see actors they look up to perform on the Richard Rogers Broadway stage just a block away on 46th street between 7th and 8th ave.


Before the students head to Copacabana they get the chance to show off their skills for the performers of Hamilton. They get to perform raps with some of the most talented people on Broadway in one of the most popular shows to hit the Broadway stage since it opened in 2016.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Krulwich/The New York Times


The Copacabana partners with the Department of Education in New York every other Wednesday to bring students into the Copa between shows to eat lunch and take a break before seeing the actual performance. Copa has been proudly partnering with the DOE since October 2016.


Copacabana has been such a long standing icon in New York that we find it necessary to give back to the city. Getting involved with projects such as Hamilton give us the chance to be sustainable in the community that we operate in.



Students learn a bit more about American History and get a better understanding of the book they are reading about Alexander Hamilton through song.


Photo Courtesy of Sara Krulwich/The New York Times


Elizabeth Barr, CAO of The Fund for Public Schools on Copacabana's involvement in Hamilton: 

"You have been absolutely amazing and the Hamilton events could not have happened without your help. It really has meant the world to me how open and helpful you have been."



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