4 Reasons You Should Go Out Tonight | The Copacabana Times Square

November 28, 2017

I know, after a long day at work sometimes it’s tempting to curl up on the couch and binge watch your favorite TV show. But when one night at home turns into seven it may be time to swap your sweats for a cute pair of jeans and head out on the town.


Friends increase lifespan: Yes, having friends really does extend your lifespan. According to a new study, people with strong social relationships increased their odds of survival over a specific time period by 50 percent, Live Science says. “The effect of social ties on life span is twice as strong as that of exercising, and equivalent to that of quitting smoking.”


You may meet someone special: Believe it or not, online dating isn’t your only option. If you’re really looking to settle down go get ready and head out tonight. You never know, you may meet someone new or your friend may just bring someone along that is perfect for you!


You deserve it after a long day: It has been a long day, why not go out and relieve some stress? Believe it or not, going out dancing is actually proven to make you happy. It increases endorphins and improves your physical health.


Opportunity for networking: You never know who you may meet when you are out on the town. Going out increases your chances to build new relationships and connect with key influencers.



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