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December 8, 2017



Whether you are looking to be a successful caterer, or you are looking to hire one, it’s important to know the characteristics one must possess. A good caterer has a combination of great training, hard work and top-notch skills.


Below are five key qualities caterers must have…



1. Customer Service: Are you good with clients? Great customer service is one of the most important signs of a good caterer. Each event is different, and each client will want something specific. You need to be able to work well with your clients to achieve their goal.


2. Cooking: A good caterer possess a great amount of cooking experience. They must know how to make recipes and substitutions, safely prepare food and create menus. But most importantly, great caterers do not just cook high-quality food, they also impress their guests with decoration.


3. Attention to detail: Complex events are common, which is why caterers must pay close attention to detail. This could be the difference from producing an average event or high-quality event. 


4. Food Safety: Good caterers are up do date with safety laws and regulation. They follow these rules to avoid any unfortunate circumstances.


5. Creativity: Yes, the food is important, but so is the presentation. Customers want their event to be unique, so give them something different. Get creative, add exceptional recipes and wow them with food appearance and arrangement.



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