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February 24, 2018


If you’re one of those people that hates going to clubs, you’ve probably been given a good reason. Going to a club, especially on a weekend, can quickly turn into a nightmare.


But imagine more people behaved in an adult manner? #Clubbing can be the fun, leisure activity that it was always intended to be. Most of our lives are spent working, stressing about work and working some more. Going out to party can be the perfect way to let some of a week’s stress off your shoulders.


Below we list five of the most common annoying things people do at clubs. And we advise you, please don’t be the person doing these things.


1. Don’t harass the bartender. Why do people do this? Running up to the bar and attacking the #bartender with money in his/her face will not lead to you getting your drinks faster than everyone else. It will, however, lead to you annoying the bartender and everyone else waiting for their drinks. Would you behave this way anywhere else you expect to be served? No? Then, you shouldn’t be doing it at a club, either.


2. Stop dancing on tables and bars. It’s a little embarrassing that this one still must be said. #Dancing on tables shows that you’re an attention seeker and will likely get you thrown out. Save yourself and your friends the embarrassment and just don’t do this.


3. Don’t be rude to the bathroom attendant. Why do people think it’s okay to be rude to the person with the toughest job at a club? This person has to deal with drunk adults acting like children, dirty bathrooms and long nights. Be nice to them. And it won’t hurt to leave them a tip.


4. Try not to stand on the dance floor if you’re not going to dance. If you’re at a #nightclub, the assumption is you want to dance. Otherwise, just go to a bar. If you don’t want to dance, that’s your prerogative. But please, don’t be the creep standing so close to the dance floor watching intently as other people dance.


5. Don’t get aggressively drunk. It’s inevitable that people attending a club will get drunk. But, don’t get so aggressively drunk that you must be carried out. Don’t embarrass yourself or your friends and ruin everyone’s night.



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