May 4, 2018



The importance of mother’s day cannot be overemphasized as mothers contribute a quota to every part of their ward’s lives. Though it is of my opinion that everyone should always celebrate their mothers, the increasing demands of life gives little room for celebration. Hence, a day is consecrated to celebrate mothers. Mother’s day is fast approaching and if you are thinking of how best to make your mum happy, then you do not need to think for so long. The best way you can celebrate your mother’s day is by throwing her a party. You could invite your extended family, friends and loved ones to celebrate that special day with her. However, mother’s day party isn’t like any other party, so you have to take cognizance of certain tips to help you plan a fun-filled party. Below are tips to help you plan a fun mother’s day party:


1. Know where her Interest lies: Do not forget that this party is for your mum. Hence, all your plans must be based on her interests. If you would like to wear a dress code, ensure it is a dress code that refers to a personal thing about her. Much more, ensure that her hobby is listed in the course of the event. If your mum likes an artist, you can surprise her by inviting the artist or save money by practicing the songs amongst yourself, then present it to her on that special day.


2. Engage her in the girlie activities: Just before the party starts, have her dressed up. Make arrangement for pedicure, manicure and home based makeup service. Get her hair styled in the most adorable way and complete it with a dress of her choice.


3. Get a venue: You shouldn’t make your home the party setting. You can have brunch at home, then enjoy the rest of the day partying outside. If your mum is the adventurous type, you could go out of the town and have fun in a public garden. Wherever you chose to go to, ensure that it’s her style. If your mum is not the adventurous type, do not try to go so far, she might get sick before the party starts.


4. Invite few friends: Don’t forget it’s a general event. So, inviting many people will not work. It is best that you invite few of her friends. Your mum will enjoy her party if she has her friends and loved ones around. She can share the ladies code and feel like she is her age when she is around her friends.


5. Include the tea section: This is a very important part of the party. Many moms like to have a tea section. So, ensure you include the tea sharing section as part of the course of the event. Men can join the tea section but if you want to involve girl’s talk, you could have men play golf while the ladies talk.


6. Prepare a gift: What does you mum likes? Is she the jewelry type or the flower type or the artifacts kind of person? If you feel like she likes so many things, you can ask her close friends or close family members to know what she would love to have. Ensure you get a gift that is woven around the things she craves for or the things she adores. You do not necessarily have to prepare just one gift, your gifts can include a speech that talks about her, or a birthday card. How about a portrait? Get her a gift that will forever add to her existence.


Every mother wants to be celebrated in a unique way. Irrespective of your schedule, do not postpone your mother’s day celebration. On that special day, celebrate your mum.




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