The Best Places to Experience College Nightlife

May 21, 2018


While college is solely for educational purposes, there are so many outdoor events that surely contribute to students’ total educational achievement. Within the confines of your classroom, all that is taught will be utilized and functional in the real world. College nightlife is the best time to have fun with your friends and give expression to your cultural and artistic values.  So if you surely need a break from all day study, below is a list of places you can visit to enjoy a nice night out:


1. Marshall Street, Syracuse New York City: In NY, Syracuse is one of the coldest region. Especially during winter, you will feel really lazy to leave your room. However, when the weather gets a little warm, the best place to visit is Marshall Street. Marshall Street has a whole lot of nice restaurants and tea rooms. You can get anything you want and enjoy the breeze off school.


2. Newbury Street Boston: This Street is common for most college students in Boston. Enjoying your college nightlife in Newbury gives you an opportunity to meet and make friends with students from other colleges. The street is lined with shopping centers and dining rooms. You can visit the painting shop, game room or the movie house. Newbury Street will surely release you of every stress.


3. Clayton Street, Athens: In Georgia, one of the happening places is downtown Athens. Even in downtown Athens, the best place to visit to enjoy a nice time out is Clayton Street. The street itself gives life to any party. Especially during the weekend, there is always so much to drink and eat with the volume of the music penetrating the nook and cranny of the street.


4. Main Street Michigan: There are countless number of bars on this street. However, this street is known for its high alcohol intake. So, if you cannot hold your alcohol then you shouldn't consider having a nice night life here. You can get old and new wines here. So, if you want to change your wine taste, Main Street is the best place.


5. 6th street Austin Texas: If you do not know, the music capital of United States is Austin. Students who live there get engrossed with the entertainment lifestyle. For different entertainment pattern, the street is usually divided into sections. So, if you want to have fun with blues or hip hop, you can have fun in whichever section. The fun part of this street is the live music.


College will be more interesting and enjoyable when you balance your social life with your academics.



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