5 Facts You Didn't Know About The U.S. Military

May 17, 2018

With ardent showcase of strategic and strict military skills, the United States Military has attained the status of the most powerful military force in the world. The Military Force comprises the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine and the Coast Guard. With the all-time achievement of this formidable force, there are some in-depth facts you need to know about the US military force. Below is a list of surprising facts that you have never thought of:


1. The US second largest employment organization:

The largest organization that employs a significant number of #Americans is Walmart with the US military being the second largest employment corporation. As of 2013, the US military has about 2.2 million people on its payroll. However, changes in allocated funds led to a decreased number of uniformed soldiers. Despite this, the US military still retains its position with Yum Brands appearing as the third on the list.


2. Most of the US presidents served in the military:

Though serving in the #military is not a criterion for vying for the post of the US president, close records have shown that 32 out of 44 presidents have at a time served in the US military in which 24 out of the 32 men served in the US army.


3. The land occupied by the US army is larger than the land occupied by some states in the US:

A large land space allocated to the US army. In fact, the wideness of the land can be likened to a combination of the zone allocated to Hawaii and Massachusetts. With accurate measurement, the US army owns a land size that is about 24000 square miles.


4. The military uses about 1billion gallon of fuel for energy production every year:

You might be confused on why the military has to spend as much as that when there is no war but the military trains every time and they have to test their war machines in order to ensure that all machines are readily available in case of unforeseen circumstances. As at 2011, it was reported that the US army used about 22 gallons daily. With developments and innovations being introduced daily, the need for fuel continually increases.


5. The Civil war is recorded as the deadliest war of all time:

In the #US military history, it was stated that the civil war of 1861 was the bloodiest of all the wars the US army had every engaged in. The US army lost close to 750000 soldiers during the war.

The US military has done so much for the country and even friendly nations. With continuous technological development, the military continues to grow in strength and prowess.




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