7 Clubbing Tips for Guys

June 18, 2018


With the inclusion of dance areas, DJ booth, lighting and private rooms, nightclubs are more enjoyable than regular pubs or bars. However, guys give off negative vibes when they are asked about their clubbing experiences especially when they are new to the system. So, if you are a guy who has never gone clubbing before or you don't enjoy your clubbing experience, you definitely need some tips that will make your clubbing experience fantastic. Here are some clubbing tips for you that apply in practically any club:


1. Wear something that boosts your confidence: Having fun is the main reason for going to any club. Based on your preference, you should choose an outfit that you feel great in. However, you should dress appropriately for the club you are going to. So, unless the club is a very casual, you ought to avoid outfits like t-shirts, sweatpants and sneakers. If you dress in such manner to a high-end club, you might end up feeling intimidated and excluded from the on goings around you. To avoid such a scenario, you can call ahead or check their website to inquire about the dress code. If you are unable to do that, you can simply wear a button up shirt and slacks as you can't go wrong with that. If you plan on dancing or frequently moving in the club, it is advisable that you put on comfortable, yet trendy footwear.


2. Invite friends: You can invite your friends to go clubbing with you because this heightens the pleasure of the experience. Walking into a club for the first time, you might start feeling out of place. But if you are with friends, you will fit right in because you can sit with them, order drinks together and enjoy dancing with each other. However, it is important that you all appoint a person that will remain sober to drive back home. In the absence of no one ready to make such a sacrifice, you will need to call in a cab that will take you to and from the club.


3. Do not forget your wallet and ID: Make sure you don't forget your wallet and ID at home because you need money to pay for drinks and without your ID, you won't be able to enter the club. Your license or passport can also serve as your form of identification to enter into the club.


4. Take extra caution at the entrance:  If you want to go clubbing on busy nights like weekends you will most likely have to wait in line before entering the club. You can pass away the time by chatting with your friends. Ensure to bring out your id before you get to the front of the line so that you can quickly show the bouncer your valid ID before entering the club. While not all clubs collect cover charges, some do and so you can pay the cover charges in exact amount if you have it or pay with your credit card. The bouncer or an inside attendant will put a wristband on you which you must not lose because it shows that you paid to enter and that you are of legal age.


5. Drink to your satisfaction: Once you get to the club, you and your friends should walk up to the bar for drinks. If there is no drink menu, do not go with the crowd, make sure you get a drink that you are familiar with beforehand. Also, if you are not used to drinking, let there be a drink limit that you adhere to as nobody likes a drunk in a club. Do not be afraid to order water once you have reached your drink limit.


6. Be entertaining enough to dance: For starters, you can dance with your friends but do not dance with anyone unless they have shown an express desire to dance with you too. You can take your drink to the dance floor, but you have to be careful that you don't spill it. If you don't know how to dance, you can still enjoy the club by either watching other dancers or moving to basic club dance moves like rolling your shoulders and nodding your head.


7.Take a break: When you get tired, you and your friends can retire to a booth to chat and watch others. If you find drinks in a booth, it shows that the booth is taken and so you will have to find another.


Since this is your first time of going to a club or you are a regular that wants to heighten the experience of going to a club, these tips should get you started. Clubbing is fun and very enjoyable if you work with these tips no matter the club.




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