5 Fashion Tips for Clubbing

July 6, 2018


Clubbing is a lot of fun no doubt, but clubbing comes with a lot of risks also. You need to know how to get around these risks to have an enjoyable, memorable and pleasurable experience. However, this comes at a cost. Don't be bothered, it is not so much a cost as it sounds.


Dressing right is the beginning of that enjoyable experience and trust me I have the perfect tips to keep your clubbing experience at an ultra-high level. Just follow on.


1. Dress Comfortably: This might look cliché to you, but I assure you it's not. Dressing comfortably cannot be overemphasized especially when you are going clubbing. It is good to look all gorgeous, in fact, it is important, but comfort should not be excluded. Trust me, you would not want to look so gorgeous but unable to dance, all glued to one particular spot. A terrible sight, terrible experience. Remember to always consider comfort whenever you are going clubbing.


2. Be Confident: There would be no need to look all sweet and glamorous and still lack that comfortable luster. You need to be firm and confident! Everyone needs to recognize your presence in the club. You cannot afford to water down that beautiful body of yours. If you would, it's safer you stay at home. Confidence steals the show as it draws attention to you. A person who is not confident would not be approached. My best bet is you don't want to come back home without anyone approaching – especially if you are looking for a significant other. Take that confidence with you on your next visit.


3. Make use of a smaller bag or purse: There is no need for the extra load you carry to work when going to a club. You are clubbing to unwind. You need to be as free as a bird to dance and move around as you please. All you need is your makeup, cash, debit card and gum. Trust me, you definitely would sync with the flow of the club when you feel lighter.


4. Flats not heels: To have maximum fun in the club, it is more preferable to go for a flat shoe compared to a heel or stilettos. Do you want to dance, have fun, feel flexible? Then you need your flats.


5. Know your club and their rules: This is a very important tip. Some clubs have routines, dress codes, and the likes. You would not want to go visiting only to be the odd one out. A quick phone call to the club will help you find out. Know how they operate and you are sure to have a blast!


There are a plethora of tips but this is a short summary of what you need to know about clubbing right. I do trust you will enjoy your next clubbing experience.



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