5 Ways to Promote Your Music in 2018

July 13, 2018


In this age of advanced information, communication and technology, it is important that you know how to promote your music effectively or else you would end up with no financial result. Much more than talents, there is the need to stay relevant in the music industry by giving a voice to new songs through promotions and the need to be known as a newbie by promoting your songs. While artists try to promote their music to gain as much audience as they can, the best way for you to make a name for yourself with your music is by trying to work with new ideas, make changes and adjust every part. To meet your goals for a set song record, here are five sure ways to promote your music business in 2018:


1. Opt-in for live shows: With the continuous development of the world, it will be almost impossible to get as many people as you desire to buy your song or refer people to buy your product through one-on-one interaction. It is best to opt in to perform at live shows. Though shows kill off the stress of the week, it also serves as an avenue to either perform the song or tell people about it. It helps create a sense of awareness and expectations.


2. Engage the power of social media: The current age is mostly determined by what is said on social media. While interactive media platforms mostly influence peoples’ decisions, you can also make use of this platform to interact with people as well as appeal to their emotions. Despite the business sense in your words, ensure your posts are funny, relative and reflective. People do not forget the things they see every day so ensure you post on all these media platforms – this will help you stay relevant. Have your audience stay glued to your timeline.


3. Work on your website: Another important feature in promoting your music is your website. In a competitive industry like the music industry, it can be difficult to maintain the leading position, so you will have to give more than any competitor. This can be done with excellent content marketing. Ensure the content attached to each of your posts is important to reveal your message. If you upload a video, you can share with your experience the inspiration behind any video or picture. In all, ensure that you attach the link to your website and in any content you create so people will have the ability to purchase the song on your site and have access to more.


4. Feature other artists: If you desire to get your music out of your circle to a bigger and more recognized circle then you should plan to collaborate with other artists. Most times, collaborating with other artists gives you a taste of enjoying the support of their fan base. However, ensure to work with artists in a similar music genre as that will surely drive your fans.


5. Work with a mailing list: It is not only about building a fan base but a base that will enhance long-lasting relationships. While it is important to work with blogs and new sites for ads on your music, having a mail list will make it easy to send all information to your fan base. So, get people to sign up on your mail list for weekly or bi-weekly information communication. You don’t want them to check your site and never return. A mail list keeps your brand relevant and on your fans’ mind.


Much more than good music, promoting the music to achieve its intended purpose is another vital part of making the best out of the music industry. However, by judiciously following the steps above, you will make a name for yourself in 2018.



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