July 17, 2018


If you had the opportunity to see Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, then you did not miss out on the first musical highlight of the year. That performance must have spiked up your interest in music festivals. Well, the year hasn't ended as this summer season is the time you can get access to the greatest music in 2018. So, here is a list of the best festivals you should expect this season:


June 27- July 8 Summerfest: One of the biggest events you should look out for is Summerfest. For 11 days, be ready to enjoy the best music, from rock to hip-hop. Have you thought of seeing Hasley in a mix with Taylor? Summerfest will be held in Milwaukee WI. You sure do not want to miss any of the days.


July 6-8 Wireless Festival: Regarding hip-hop music festivals, few shows can be rated as high as Wireless Festival in London. For three days, the party will surely be on heat. You should expect to see DJ Khalid, French Montana, J.Cole, the Migos and all other prominent rappers.


July5-8 Essence Musical Festival: Essence is one festival that takes place in the middle of summer. Essence will be held in New Orleans and if you have the opportunity to attend, you will surely enjoy the festival as it is usually one of the coolest to expect every year. For three days, expect foremost artists like Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dog and even Idris Elba.


July 27-29 Panorama Festival: It's going to be a busy and spectacular summer at Randall's Island as Panorama, which is New York's version of Coachella, is expected to take over the city. With Panorama in its third year, Janet Jackson, the Weeknd and the Killers have been termed as the headliners of the event. This is the best time to see the enviable women in the music industry on one stage.


August 2-5 Lollapalooza Festival: If you are looking out for the number of attendees at a music festival then you will surely be wowed by those who attend Lollapalooza. The yearly event accommodates over 150,000 attendees. This year be sure to expect Bruno Mars, Jack White, the Weeknd and other artists from all genres of music. Lollapalooza is all-encompassing as you will surely taste from the goodness of all music types.


August 18-19 Hot 100 Festival: Billboard usually hosts Hot 100. With a dance music lineup, never expect to see a free space on Long Island. Headliners like Kehlani, DJ Snake and Kim Petras will surely pull you off your seat. With Hot 100, be ready to dance and shake your body.


Summer is usually the best time to have as much fun as you desire. For any of these music festivals, be sure to get your tickets. More so, try not to go too late so as to catch all the highlights.



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