The World's Top 10 Party Towns

July 17, 2018


One thing that has become a part of our modern life is partying. Beyond the fact that it fosters a new relationship, it is a great way to free yourself from the stress of work. While some people enjoy partying at home, some like to party whenever they are on vacation. Do not think you cannot get a rocking place outside your city as there are so many party towns across the globe. Whether you are the wild or conservative party type, you will surely get a town that suits your lifestyle. Below are world's top 10 party towns:


1. Mykonos in Greece: This location is the party site for those who believe that pleasure is the highest good in life. As early as mid-afternoon, rockers start dancing till late in the night. To re-energize people who are tired, restaurants are always open. It is known to be mainly for adults.


2. Berlin in Germany: In Europe, Berlin is known for its liberal and diverse party lifestyle. You can't get bored whether you are a rock, techno alternative or fetish club lover. You will surely find what suits you.


3. Amsterdam in the Netherlands: Amsterdam has been titled as the city with 24 hours of partying. The clubs stay open all day and all night. While most residents are night crawlers, the city has almost reversed the order of nature as night usually seems like day.


4. Ibiza in Spain: Party rockers have named Ibiza as the world's party capital. In Ibiza, it is rare to see a party end at 6 am. People stay up till afternoon without getting tired. If you are not used to partying in Ibiza, it is advisable that you take a nap in the afternoon to prepare your body for a memorable night.


5. Las Vegas in the USA: If you plan to go to the states, you should never forget to go to Las Vegas. The kind of activities that happen in clubs and party outlets at night made people coin the sentence "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." The atmosphere is none restrictive and satisfies all desires.


6. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil: Rio is known as the party town of Brazil. To residents, partying is a way of life. Thousands of people travel to attend the yearly party festival in Rio. Even after the festival, clubs and bars are always open. The city gained more popularity with its non-discriminating acceptance of lovers.


7. Bangkok in Thailand: Bangkok is well-known for its exciting and exotic experience. The city is always active with a mixed array of businesses, noisy streets, shopping and drinking. You will rarely walk a street without being acknowledged by the alluring club lights and dancing platforms.


8. London in England: London is also one of the best places to have a night party. From rock to jazz to cabaret, you will surely find a place that suits your interests.


9. New York, NY in the USA: Without mincing words, New York has set the record for other clubs in the world. All the trends we had in the 80s and 90s stem from NYC and those trends have influenced the modern ones. With no restriction to the music genre, NYC will provide you with the best.


10. Miami, FL in the USA: Miami is not only a party haven for residents, but travelers from different cultural origins fly into the town to party as much as they want. Even married folks find themselves on party grounds.


Every country has its own party arena, but the ones listed above will surely give you the thrill you desire.




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