July 24, 2018


One city that has gained the attention of foreigners far and near is New York City. The dignity associated with this city has not only promoted its fame but has made it attain the title of the greatest city in the world. From the diversity of each street, to the innovations that stem every day, New York never ceases to welcome people into its ever-accommodating city. If you think the hype around the city is too much, below are 8 reasons why it is regarded as the greatest city:


1. The subway system: One city with lasting public transport system is New York. By purchasing the metro card at a low price, you can get to your destination as swift as you want. If you desire to go around the city during your leisure time, you can bank on the metro transport services. With 24/7 service, you can visit anywhere without a time restraint.


2. All day, All night entertainment: Above others, New York is known a s the city that never sleeps. With the Broadway shows and party nightlife, know that you will never be bored. There is no age limit to entertainment as there are endless choices and standby programs for all age groups.


3. Incredible skyscrapers: Though New York did not birth the introduction of skylines, the city is known for its distinctive tall buildings. These buildings give you the room to explore exceptional sights and observatory stigma.


4. The colorful and diverse culture: If you have ever walked the streets of New York, you will notice that different people speak in a different accent. This is to tell you that the city contains people from different America origin. With this, the city has been known for diverse and colorful cultural activities. 


5. The top-class food: New York is home to some of the finest dishes in the world. Even so many foods are initiated in New York. So, whether you are on a budget or not, you can get whatever you want without missing out on the taste.


6. The Fashion industry: With thousands of designers in the world, New York has the largest concentration of designers. From this city, designs are invested and taken up by other designers. More so, it has been noted that 6% of the working class works in the fashion designing industry.


7. The shopping dream: You can’t live in New York and lack clothes. With hundreds of department stores, New York is the dream city for shopaholics.


8. The originator of hip-hop: The first knowledge of hip-hop was in New York. New Yorkers have a way of inventing things and continuously doing them better than any other city. Some of the world's most popular artists reside in NYC.


9. The fascinating historical activities: New York did not attain its fame in a day. Over the years, different events have happened. To preserve this memory, the city has features like the Empire State Building, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.


10. Touring sites: New York is developed in a way that every angle functions as a recreational/relaxation center. You can't get bored with your touring urge.



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