9 Locations Where Your Favorite TV Shows Were Filmed

August 16, 2018


As the world develops, different sectors also grow to fit into the increasing development. In the entertainment industry, there has been exponential growth in the way things are done. Now, viewers are able to see soap operas, shows and series without one interfering with the other. Much more than the quality entertainment, what makes TV shows and series interesting is the location used. The location used helps in understanding the series as well as bring the series to life in the mind of viewers. So, here is a list of the locations where memorable TV shows were shot:


1. Kingsroad, Game of Thrones: Of all time, Game of Thrones has evolved as one of the best TV shows partly through the locations where most of the scenes were shot. One of such is the Kingsroad. The Kingsroad happens to be the dark hedges of Northern Ireland, one of the safest places for visitors to walk through.


2. The Mystic Grill, Vampire Diaries: Except for those who do not like horror/vampire movies, Vampire Diaries is one of the best TV shows of all time. Mystic Grill, the location where a lot of the shows drama went down, is located in Covington, GA.


3. The Whites’ House, Breaking Bad: The Whites’ House, which served as the previous residence of the schoolteacher turned drug lord, is a residential house that can be found in Albuquerque New Mexico.


4. Lallybroch, Outlander: Lallybroch, which was the famous home in the series, was shot in Midhope Castle in Abercorn Scotland. Visitors are free to go into the house to take pictures.


5. The Spellman House, Sabrina the Teenage Witch: This TV show was quite popular in the 90s with the Spellman’s house consisting of closets that led to the other side of the world. In real life, the Victorian Mansion is located on East Main Street in Freehold, New Jersey.


6. Sherlock Apartment, Sherlock: This frenzy apartment is located at 187 North Gower Street, London. The apartment is above the known speedy café where you can enjoy a fantastic meal.


7. Cafe Grumpy, Girls: Hannah got a job at the Cafe Grumpy. The cafe is actually a real coffee shop with branches at multiple locations. The actual location in the show was at Green point in Brooklyn.


8. Monica and Racheal's Apartment, Friends: In the TV show "Friends" the apartment is an actual one located in Greenwich Village, at the corner of Bedford and Grove street.


9. Woodbury, The Walking Dead: Woodbury is one of the familiar places in The Walking Dead. In Season 3 the actual locations were shot on Main Street in Senoia, Georgia.



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