5 Ways to Save Money at the Bar

August 27, 2018


One of the best ways to relieve yourself of the day's activities is by going to a bar. The music, the videos and people that come around may help relieve you from stress. While going to a bar may be comforting, you can end up spending all your money in a jiffy. There is the need to know how you can save money and not get less of what you want when you go to a bar. So, here are 5 ways to save money at the bar:


1. Go to the bar during happy hour:

You may not know but a bar's happy hour is the time when drinks and even small chops are given at a discounted rate. Imagine getting a drink worth $15 for $10. Most times, bars hold their happy hour at early night time. So right from work, you can grab a cocktail before heading home. If that doesn’t interest you, you can still save your money by going during the late night. Some bars offer another round of happy hour later in the evening.


2. Resist cocktails and wines:

Almost everyone likes the soothing feeling of cocktails and classy feeling wine gives but if you want to save your money, it is best to go for beers. Cocktails and wines are twice as expensive as beers. So just enjoy the environment by sticking to beer. If you want cocktails and wines, you can enjoy them at home.


3. Eat right:

During happy hour, most bars offer food at discounted rates. In fact, some bars go all open to provide free pizza, fries, and appetizers on every drink you buy. So, instead of having to pay expensively for foods, ensure you take advantage of the happy hour to get your stomach filled.


4. Buy in bulk:

When you go to the bar with your friends, you need not worry about the expenses as when you buy in bulk you get to save more. For instance, instead of buying a separate glass of wine, you can buy a whole bottle – which comes out cheaper for everyone – and share amongst yourselves.


5. Pay with cash:

While going to the bar, ensure you do not take along your debit card. Be disciplined enough to have a budget. Get some cash and pay with cash. Look through the menu and buy within your budget. When your money finishes, you know it is time to leave.


Going to bars can be enjoyable but ensure to follow these ways to stay out of unnecessary expenses.


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