Top 10 Things to do in New York After Dark

September 4, 2018


Apart from the lucrative feature of the city, New York is also known for its frenzy nightlife. In fact, New Yorkers are one set of people who look forward to nightlife. So, if you have never been out at night for a long time or you are a visitor in the city and you are wondering the best way to spend the night, you need not worry as the city in itself provides hundreds of things to do at night. However, if you are not sure of what to do, you may not enjoy yourself especially when you go out alone. So, here is a list of the top 10 things you can do in New York at night:


1. Catch Live Jazz: One sure thing you will get at night is a live jazz event. You don’t have to go far, but within your location you will surely get a place to feed your soul with jazz. Depending on your preference, you can visit Authur’s tavern, Minton and Jazz standard to enjoy the night. Do not forget to grab a cup of cocktail.


2. See a Movie: The best place to see a movie is in a movie theatre. Apart from the crowd, you get to view characters on a large screen with advance effect. You can visit the Nitehawk cinema, Brooklyn’s Alamo draft house or the nearest movie house and check out the next showtime. Don’t forget to grab a bowl of popcorn, a drink and probably a handkerchief, in case you get emotional.


3. Enjoy the View at The Brooklyn Bridge: There is no limit to the time you can walk the Brooklyn Bridge as it is open 24hours. You can take pictures and get to see incredible views. From there, you get to see Manhattan, the harbor, and even The Statue of Liberty.


4. Attend a TV Show: Attending a TV show is one of the most exciting things you can do at night. It could even be possible to sit in the studio audience section of your favorite tv series and get to see your favorite character live. Though most of the shows are taped during the day, you will surely get access to night tapings.


5. Stroll Through the Grand Central Terminal: The view of the Grand Central cannot be compared to other places. The ceilings, as well as the whispering gallery, make it incredible. The best time to stroll around is at night when there are fewer people around. Feel free to get a guide for help.


6. Eat at One of NYC Cheap Restaurants: Eating has become a norm during night time. This is one reason restaurants stay open until late hours as people tend to eat more at night. Due to the competition some restaurants offer discounts on their meals. Take advantage of this to enjoy eating cheap.


7. Attend a Live Musical Performance: Especially during summer, you get the opportunity to see your favorite celebrities at live shows. For every performer, you get to buy a ticket. Whether it's indoor or outdoor you can get your ticket for as low as $10.


8. Enjoy Seasonal Activities: There is surely a seasonal activity at every period of the year. During the summer, you get nighttime options that allow you to enjoy seeing the activities of traditional acts like Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, and other summer shows.


9. Visit a Museum: The things you see in a museum will surely widen your horizon about the history of the state as well as other cultures. Every first Saturday, you can stay to view the wonders of the Brooklyn Museum until 11 pm.


10. Go to a Sports Game: In New York, sporting activities are not only done during the day but also at night. In the New York, basketball games run from April to October. You can visit a sporting event venue, such as Madison Square Garden, to support the team you root for.



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