The Best Beach Party Destinations Around the World

October 1, 2018



Over the years, beaches have served as recreational centers for the young and old. In fact, everyone looks forward to a beach party. Just like other natural resources, all beaches are not created equal. Some are desirable for events while others are not. In fact, many socialites will self-determine how classy and rich you are based on the beach they see you at.


So, if you are trying to get to a beach that won’t make your guests notice how much time you have spent at the party or one that will take your guests out of this realm into another for some time, then you need not search any longer. Here is a list of the top ten beach party destinations around the world:


Makena Beach, Hawaii:

If you think Hawaii is only for the business minded people, you are wrong. With salmon orange sand during sunset, most people have found Makena beach to be the best for parties. The fact that there is the big beach and little beach gives visitors the opportunity to be as flexible as possible. 


Piha Beach, New Zealand:

While New Zealand may not be referred to as the beach city, the view of the Piha Beach has caused the city to attract more visitors than ever. With black sand gracing the surroundings of the beach, Piha serves as one of the top beaches in the Pacific.


El Castillo, Mexico:

Mexico is not only known as a country with wild nightlife but the El-Castillo beach has further given way to the lifestyle of the locals. With white sand beautifying the clear waters, El Castillo will eventually take you out of the moments. Upon visiting El Castillo, you will have access to pyramid climbing, kitesurfing and swimming. Tip: Try the fish tacos; you will remember them forever!


Tofino, British Columbia:

People have thought that the only place to gain access to a beach with clear waters and fine white sand is in Canada. However, the exceptional Tofino Beach displaces this claim with its crystal-clear water, fine sand and towering mountain view. If you really want to enjoy the memory of Tofino, dress accordingly and do well to hold a camera.


Siesta Key, Florida:

While there are so many beaches in America, Siesta Key is one of those beaches that can make you overexpose yourself to the sun because of the attraction to the sand. The calm sea allows you to enjoy the moments without being extraordinary. Most times, dolphins are seen swimming offshore. Siesta Key is one of the top beaches for partying in America.


Lake McKenzie, Australia:

If you do not want to party on a salty beach, you should go to Lake McKenzie in Australia. Being an all-silica beach on a fresh lake, Lake McKenzie is said to be one of the cleanliest beaches in the world. The Island is also known to be one of the largest in the world.


East Beach, California:

East Beach is located in Santa Barbara and is considered to be one of the most desirable places in America. By having warm and sunny weather, East beach serves as the perfect place for all-day/all-night parties. With straight lines of palm trees, Rolerbladers and runners, and gorgeous views, East Beach gives the best scenery at all times.


Rabbit Beach, Italy:

TripAdvisor has considered Rabbit Beach as one of the top beaches in the world. While the name sounds funny, the beach has no rabbit. This secluded natural reserve can only be accessed by boats. The view is more enjoyable with Dolphins swimming in the water.


Maya Bay, Thailand:

Have you ever thought about why this tropical beach was used in the movie ‘The Beach’? It is probably because it is one of the top tropical beaches in the world. People have stated that they visited Maya Bay for a day but ended up extending their stay and opting for a vacation.


Ora Beach, Indonesia:

Unlike Bali, Ora beach is less hyped but in the real sense, you will actually have the best of your time when you visit Ora rather than Bali beach. With the ocean flowing through the island and fewer people around you can be sure to satisfy your guests at Ora beach.  



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