The Best Halloween Movies of All Time

October 17, 2018


Halloween is one of the most exciting days of the year. Luckily, it is almost here and while the candies are very important, your Halloween is incomplete without watching all of those scary movies that will make you keep your lights on for the next few weeks. Due to the activities involved in celebrating this event, Halloween has a great influence in the production of the scariest and best movies of all time. So, get your friends together to enjoy Halloween themed movies because you surely do not want to see them alone. Below is a list of best Halloween movies you should consider watching:


Halloween: With its release in 1978, Halloween remains the top on the list of the best Halloween movies. Serving its purpose in the horror genre, Halloween has its way of instilling the reality of Halloween on its viewers. The storyline is centered around the life of a young child who killed his 15 years old sister when he was just 6. He was locked away since then and broke out 15 years later with his new prey being his other sister.


The Exorcist: Released in 1973 as a horror movie, the exorcist will surely send chills down your spine. Due to its effects, the exorcist, in 1974 served as the first horror movie to be nominated alongside ‘the sting’ for best picture Oscar. The story centers around a mother who aims to exorcise her daughter.


Paranormal Activity: Since its release in 2009, paranormal activity has also retained its position in the Halloween movies hall of fame. It centers around a young couple. The wife reveals to her husband how a demon has haunted her since she was a child and on the night they tried to make a recording of the activity of the demon, they ended up trying to survive through the night.


Coraline: Released as an animation, Coraline has served its best in the world of fantasy for kids and even adults. The storyline explains how Coraline would have to stay at home alone due to the nature of her parent’s job. One day she receives a doll which took her to another world with better parents. She later discovers that the other world is more than it seems and she embarks on a not too easy quest back to her real life.


Halloweentown: As a Disney channel classic, Halloweentown involves a trio of adventure, comedy and family. For those of you who do not want a complete horror-filled movie, you can enjoy Halloweentown with smiles all over your face. It centers around three siblings who run away with their grandmother because they are not allowed to celebrate Halloween. On the run, they find out their loving grandmother is a witch.


Hocus Pocus: You don’t have to stay scared all through the night with Hocus Pocus as it is a Halloween comedy movie that involves witchcraft, cats and laughable scenes. It involves three witches who were resurrected 300 years after they were hung for their mystical activities. The witches aimed to achieve immortality by killing a child. However, the kids who mistakenly brought them to life embark on a journey of hindering the witches.


The Craft: Released in 1996, the Craft centers around a young girl who got admitted to Catholic prep high school and joins a trio of girls who involve themselves in witchcraft. Sooner than presumed they all started conjuring spells on those who offend them.


Halloween is celebrated in various part of the world. Join the movement by seeing these unforgettable movies.  



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