The Top Places to Celebrate Halloween in the US

October 22, 2018


If you are looking for real horror experience, you need not search any longer as Halloween is now upon us all. While it was usually celebrated as a single day/night affair, Halloween has become a month-long activity with the grand finale being on the last day of October. Across the different states in America, Halloween has been taken to a more delightful level. From all-night parades to ghost haunts and tours to horrific movies of all time at theatres, there is surely something in stock for everyone. You want to enjoy October better than anyone else, check this list of top best places to celebrate Halloween in the USA:


Salem, Massachusetts: In 1962, some set of persons accused Bridget Bishop of practicing witchcraft. She was hanged and about 18 people followed same path. Afterwards, more people were accused of witchcraft. The deaths of these people still hover around Salem – activities are done in commemoration of the dark period. In fact, the Salem Witch Museum helps travellers understand more of the horrific history. All through the month of October, Halloween festivals are held with trick or treating and ghost tours.


New York City: It is not every day you get to experience the ancient means of celebrating Halloween. Well New York City gives the modernized mode by being the city that holds the largest Halloween event with its Village Halloween Parade. At the early years, it only involved a puppet show for few folks during Halloween, but now it accommodates over 60,000 people in Halloween themed costumes and over 2 million viewers. Though some states have their own parades, NYC is more significant with the high level of creativity and Halloween expression seen amongst the participants. The city also offers other events like haunted houses, ghost tours and pumpkin showcases.


New Orleans: Just as every state has activities associated with them, New Orleans is known for its spectacular Mardi Gras parade and its voodoo folklore and culture. Though Voodoo is associated with Africa, its pangs were extended to Louisiana. Till date, the activities of the voodoo shops in New Orleans will surely send the cold chills of Halloween down your bone marrow. Apart from the voodoo music festival, you can also embark on cemetery tours, ghost in the oaks event for your family as well as haunted house events.


Chicago: Much more than repeating history, Chicago is known to celebrate Halloween in a more party-like atmosphere. You can experience the party feel at the Haunted Halloween Ball event characterized by zombie barkeepers. You can also go on Halloween boat cruise or bar crawls anywhere in Chicago.


Williamsburg, Virginia: Williamsburg also has the foundation of its Halloween celebration on witch trials as Williamsburg is believed to have a history in haunting due to the different evil events associated with the city. It is also to be land filled with the burial grounds of the victims of the Civil war. Much more, blackbeards pirates were executed on the land. With inexhaustible history of deaths, the Williamsburg Halloween festival includes ghost tours, haunted houses and escape rooms.


Depending on what you want to experience, you can enjoy the last day/night of October in any of these places.



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