Top 10 Salsa Albums of All Time

October 26, 2018


Due to human taste and preferences, different music genres have been developed. A favorite among all being Salsa. Just as its name sounds, no-one hears a salsa song without moving both legs in an alternate motion. It is the type of music that encourages you to jump on your feet to dance and move to the rhythm of the music. Being Latin music, it is a mixture of different genres with danceable rhythms to follow.


One thing peculiar to salsa is the ability to trend years after it has been released. Probably because there is an iota of culture and values displayed by the songwriter to produce something peculiar or the fundamental lyrics used in developing their songs. Most of the artists have even gone ahead to produce an album that surely reveals a different part of the Latin lifestyle. Amongst all released albums, here is a list of top 10 of all time.


Siembra, Ruben Blades & Willie Colon:

Though Siembra was released as early as 1978, its influence in the 20th century is quite noticeable. While Willie Colon and Ruben Blades have been able to record four albums together and Siembra happens to be the second collaboration. Upon release, it was considered as the best-selling album as over 3 million copies were sold.


Celia and Johnny, Johnny Pacheo, Celia Cruz:

Over time, Celia Cruz has been regarded as the queen of Salsa. Having her in an album with Johnny Pacheo also changed the way Salsa music is viewed and perceived. With about 10 tracks the duo was able to give a deeper meaning to music.


Marc Anthony, Contra Conriette:

 This album is Marc’s third album as well as the most popular of all his albums. By having a Puerto Rican producer, Marc was able to successfully switch between Latin pop and salsa. Upon release, four of the tracks were listed at the top ten category of billboard. Later on, the album received Latin Billboard and Grammy Awards.


Ismail Rivera, Soy Feliz:

As a Puerto Rico singer with a peculiar mode of singing, Rivera is known to be one of the founders of the salsa type of music. Unlike the recently modified type, Rivera’s mode of singing reveals the true feeling the salsa music can evoke.


‘Our Latin thing’, Fania All Star:

With up to 10 hit tracks, ’Our Latin Thing’ reveals a mixture of salsa dance music and topical music. It is born as a soundtrack of the popular movie production of 1972. Just like the movie, the tracks reveal the development of Salsa music and its growth in the United States.


El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, La Universidad de la Salsa:

This group has been likened to be the most successful Salsa group with lots of achievement than people who came before and after. By naming his album after his nickname ‘the University of Salsa’ El Gran was a bale to reveal the true art and state of a Salsa dancer.


Revento, Hector Lavoe:

Having continuously revealed different albums, Revento has been stated to be Hector’s 8th solo album. With about seven tracks, the Latin music legend was able to give to the populace what no one will ever forget. Amongst these tracks is the delightable ‘De Que Tamano’.


La Sonora Poncena, Determination:

Without losing its place in the industry, La Sonora has taken the position of reflecting the sounds and rhythm of Puerto Rican Salsa. With great influence from his pianist, there shows a touch of class and affluence in his tracks.


Joe Cuba, Stepping Out:

Being part of the 1960’s fantastic works, Joe Cuba’s work reflects how influential his music has been in the Latin music industry. His album, stepping out involves the vocals of Cheo Feliciano who is known to be among the top soneros of Salsa.


Grupo Niche, ‘Cielo De Tambores’:

This album is known as the best of Grupo Niche. With its revelation of Columbia Salsa, Cielo dives between hard and romantic Salsa. With an inclusion of Sin Sentimiento and Una Adventura, the album has been able to produce long-lasting salsa songs.


Salsa songs are not only interesting but enjoyable. Behind every song, is a story. The peculiarity of Salsa music is more evident in its relevance after years of production.



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