Five Awesome Group Date Ideas

November 5, 2018


Organizing a group date night is an exciting way to bring your group together. If you want to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in a long time or you just see the need to bond with them, a group date is the best. Well, it may end up boring and uninteresting if it is not well organized. Here are 5 group date ideas to help you achieve an unforgettable date night:


Go bowling: Much more than being a game, bowling is a competition which will make things really interesting. Go bowling with your friends, divide yourself into a couple groups and play the game. You can make it more interesting by tasking the loser to buy dinner. Sounds fun-like?


Introduce the ‘Escape Room’: This is one group date idea you can never find boring. Irrespective of the individual differences, everyone will surely find this interesting. Okay, the Escape Room allows you all to find a tasking puzzle to solve and set a timer to countdown. The rule of this game is to get out before the time is up. Escape room allows each one to bring out their skilfulness to solve the task. It’s all about skillful communication and teamwork.


Eat desserts and see a movie: Hollywood releases movies every week. While some may not be easily known, there are blockbusters. Look out for movies that none of you have seen and set up a date to go see the movie. You can go grab dessert before the movie or see the movie and talk about it over your dessert.


Attend a concert: It is more interesting to attend concerts with your friends. You get to share your views about artists, you get to share dance ideas with them, walk together and scream about your favorite artiste together. However, ensure you are all music lovers. It won’t be fun if others don’t enjoy what you are doing.


Go for a wine tasting tour: This is a really fun and unique thing to do. Different restaurants set dates for wine tasting especially if they just launched new wines. You can go with your friends, taste different wines, talk about them, make jokes and laugh. Wine tasting is a different venue, but it’s worth the enjoyment.


Plan your group date well. It may be your only opportunity to get your friends together. Give rules for what you decide to do. Giving rules makes it more interesting.



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