Top Pop Songs of 2018

November 13, 2018


10 months into 2018 and the pop music industry has enjoyed lots of successful debuts. From "God's Plan" released by Drake, to "One Kiss" by Dua Lipia, 2018 has indeed been a very competitive year for both old and new artists. With just two months away from 2019, this is the best moment to outline our most favorite pop songs of the year. Here is a list of pop songs that have made waves in 2018:


1. Maroon 5 ft Cardi B: "Girls Like You"

For me, I think it is a culture for this band to keep giving hits anytime their single drops. “Girls like you” is a simple yet lovely song. At first Maroon 5 wanted "Girl Like Her" and then, Cardi B advised them "she's not that type he'd want to be with." It's an addicting song. A song you sing when taking your bath because you know the lyrics.


2. Arianna Grande: "No Tears Left to Cry"

This was a song she sang following the tragedy of the supposed Manchester concert last year. Though she took some time out from the studio, she did come back strong, releasing the single "No Tears Left to Cry." In the song, she said she's in a state of mind she'd like to be all the time, got no more tears to cry. Following its April 20 release, it had over 36.9 million US streams within the week it was released.


3. Drake: "God's Plan"

When you think of the artist Drake what usually comes to mind is hip-hop, well this artist has moved his base a little, mixing both pop and hip-hop and has been successful at it. One of his pop songs that have made waves is "God's Plan." This is actually one of the most played songs topping the Billboard’s top 100 for the year.


4. The Weeknd ft Kendrick Lamar: "Pray for Me"

“Pray for Me” debuted on February 2nd and has since gained wide acceptance. The song was part of the soundtrack album for the Marvel superhero movie "Black Panther." If you watched Black Panther, you must have definitely heard this song. The Canadian singer (The Weeknd) has enjoyed a successful run in the pop music industry.


5. Camilla Cabello: "Never be the Same"

The "Havana" singer came into the limelight in 2017, releasing one of Billboard’s favorite songs, "Havana" which featured Young Thug, and he has since then been giving us hits. "Never be the Same" is one of the most popular pop songs to be released this year.


The pop music industry continues to add to its list but how well will the forthcoming songs be accepted by the world is yet a mystery.



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