New Year's Eve Traditions That You Haven't Heard Of

December 27, 2018


Celebrating the New Year is not just about fireworks, eating certain foods or partying through the night. Different people have ways they celebrate the new year, and over time, these peculiar ways have become traditions. Since you might not get the chance to visit countries to know their new year traditions, here is a combined list of seemingly unknown New Year Traditions Around the World:


Banging pots and pans at midnight: This tradition is popular in Australia and New Zealand. People joyfully walk around at midnight banging pots and pans. They believe the loud sounds will chase away evil spirits and keep them safe all through the year.


Walking around the circle with an empty suitcase: This may seem weird to you, but it is surely not weird to Colombians. People walk around their block or circle with an empty suitcase. The practice is to enable them to travel more in the new year. So, the more you walk, the more your chances of traveling. It is also known to drive away bad luck and usher in prosperity.


Ringing bells 108 times: Beginning from midnight, Dec 31st, temples all over Japan ring their bells 108 times. To them, ringing the bells 108 times is a ritual required to cleanse citizens of their 108 sins and worldly desires, thereby dissipating evil thoughts and emotions.  Another tradition is associated with Mount Fuji; it is believed that spotting this Mount on the first sunrise of the new year is good luck. Do you want to cleanse yourself of the negativity of the year? Book a flight to Japan.


Graveyard camping: While this may send chills down your spine, locals in Chile see it as a means to bring good luck. They organize slumber parties in graveyards to reconnect with their departed loved ones. This practice is believed to give participants peace and good luck all through the year.


Write your wishes, burn them and drink the ashes: People gather together to be a part of this yearly tradition in Russia. They fill their hands with a paper, pen, glass of juice or any drink and lite candles. Immediately they begin the last countdown to the new year by writing down their wishes, burning them immediately, pouring the ashes in their glasses and drinking together. Everyone is required to finish the drink. Upon completion, they believe their wishes will come to pass. 


Wearing white attire and jumping seven waves: People in Brazil believe that when they jump seven waves, they will surely have a blissful year ahead. Each wave signifies a day of the week. Anyone who successfully jumps the seven waves will enjoy good fortune on all days. They also put on white to wave away bad spirits that can hinder a peaceful year ahead.


Eat twelve grapes: In Spain, people make sure to have twelve grapes in their hands, to be a part of the tradition. People eat a grape for each stroke, and they eat twelve grapes in total. While it sounds quite simple, it is not particularly easy. In fact, people practice before the main night. Anyone who successfully takes part in the tradition will have a year full of luck and good fortune.



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