The Best Things to do During the Winter in NYC

January 30, 2019


The prestige associated with living in New York City cannot be overemphasized. While everyone has a reason for living in New York, winter is usually not a part of the reasons. Most, if not all residents do not like winter. People prefer to stay indoors, switch on the heater and order pizza while watching Netflix. While this may be relaxing on its own, there is more to see and do in the city that never sleeps. So, if you have never spent winter outdoors or you are visiting New York during the coldest time of the year, here is a list of the best things to do:


Keep yourself warm: Not staying indoors means you have to keep yourself warm. Treating yourself to a hot cup of tea or chocolate is a way to keep your homeostasis in check. While you may not be a fan of beverages, it is the best treat you can give yourself during this period. Also consider seeking out bars with a fireplace to sweat out the cold and keep yourself warm.


Get a ticket for a concert: In New York, there is no specific period for concerts. Residents enjoy every season irrespective of its shortcomings. Get a ticket and go to a concert. Concerts allow you to meet and relate with more people. You have access to funny comedians, pop stars and contest dancers. So laugh and dance off the cold.


Take part in Restaurant Week: From Jan 21st – February 9th, you can treat yourself to a five-star meal at restaurants by paying a quarter of the actual price. Though not all restaurants will be participating, you can be sure to have over 300 choices on the ground. You can go out with friends and family members and eat a lot without exceeding your budget.


Go on a bus tour: Since people avoid staying outside, you will not have to deal with the crowd while looking through the beauty of the city. It is the best period of the year to see a large part of the city and to get to know the city’s layout. While enjoying the moment, the bus tour has its way of keeping you warm. Going on a bus tour is surely more adventurous than standing on the subway.


Go ice skating: One activity during the winter months you don’t want to miss is ice skating. Bryant Park’s rink allows skaters to skate for free. So, if you have your skates, you can go ahead to glide on the sheet of ice, but if you do not own any, you can rent at an affordable price. You can also go ice skating at Central Park or Rockefeller Center.


Visit Winter Village: Bryant Park is home to the popular Winter Village. Over the years, Winter Village has served as one of the best markets during the season. Visit there, enjoy the environment and get your hands on some handmade winter sweat clothes, scarves, and hats.


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