Spring Break Travel Trips for Singles

 Spring is a beautiful season, when the bushes, flowers, and trees begin to bloom, and the weather gets warm enough to keep everyone comfortable. Spring is the best season to go on a long drive, or travel alone without having to face boredom. If you’re a single millennial looking to optimize spring by spending time alone, or you just want to distance yourself from other time demanding activities, traveling during the spring is a perfect idea.


Though solo traveling can be intimidating especially when you see couples giggling and laughing around you, it sure has its own benefits, one of which allows you to travel and engage in fun activities on your own terms. I mean, what is better than doing the things you truly want? You won’t have to forego your desires because of your travel companion. So, for a perfect spring break, here is a list of travel trips for singles:


Cancun, Mexico: Over time, Cancun has been associated with spring break for singles. The white sand beaches with inviting crystal blue water allow you to do everything you can imagine. You may spend days scuba diving and also learn how to surf and kiteboard. Once the sun sets, Cancun turns into a party arena. From concerts, to live music and talent shows, the city sure has something for everyone.


Las Vegas, Nevada: Partying for spring break doesn’t get any better than Las Vegas. It’s known the ever busy city with different types of activities, things to do and explore. Las Vegas has retained its position as the city that never sleeps. You can gain access to celebrity restaurants, hotel pools, music shows, concerts, and gambling. You surely cannot get enough of Las Vegas.


Austin, Texas: You want to experience incredible #nightlife? Austin is for you. Austin is home to some of the greatest live musical performances of all time. This great city hosts the annual South by Southwest Festival which brings together technology, music, and movies. If you have not experienced the festival, this is the best time. During the day, you can dine on great BBQ while enjoying the beauty of the city in its most natural form.


Barcelona, Spain: If you are a lover of art and culture, then Barcelona is your destination. Have you heard of Basilica of Sagrada Familia? Well, it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site where construction had started as early as 1882. Though the structure is yet to be completed, people from different parts of the world visit to feed their eyes on the wonders of the building. You can also check out Montserrat Monastery as well as the Gothic quarter in the city.


Boracay, Philippines: Most singles prefer to visit Boracay because of the friendly and accommodating nature of its residents. More so, they have great weather and have mood suiting beaches. Currently, it is ranked as one of the top ten beach destinations in Asia. Go to Boracay, relax on the beach, enjoy scenic views and engage in every activity it has to offer.



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