The Top Nightclubs in Europe

May 14, 2019


If you’re travelling to Europe and want to find clubs where you can get wild and dance your heart out, most often until breakfast time, then it’s a good thing you’re in Europe — home of the hottest club scene in the world. Here are our top picks:



City: Berlin, Germany

Berghain sits on the border between East and West Berlin and is one of Europe’s most well-known clubs. It’s notoriously hard to get into this Berlin fixture, as the club enforces a strict dress code, but there are many online articles and YouTube videos dedicated to streamlining your visit. Berghain is known for its unique music vibe and unashamed partyers who are there to become one with the loudest sound system you’ve ever heard.



City: Berlin, Germany

Tresor is a famous longstanding techno club and record label in Berlin. With its multi-dancefloor venue, great sound and a techno underground feel, this club is a great choice for first-time club goers. If you don’t make the cut at Berghain, try Tresor. Tresor can be your dark, grungy fantasy club, if you let it.



City: Barcelona, Spain

Razzmatazz is Barcelona’s top nightclub,  where you can party at five different clubs under one roof. Each club plays a different genre of music, so you can move between the five spaces to have whatever musical experience you desire. There’s no strict dress code and you can buy tickets online. Look out for special events and international DJs at this popular disco.



City: Madrid, Spain

Fabrik is a highly rated disco club in Madrid, known for its high-class sound technology and top DJs from around the world. Fabrik has two enormous dance floors and an outdoor terrace, where partyers dance to house and techno music all night long.



City: Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Cue Mike Posner’s catchy pop hit, “I took a pill Ibiza.” Amnesia is a renowned, award-winning Ibiza club. Drinks are a bit on the pricey side, but their parties are out of this world, no pill necessary. You might even run into David Guetta, or another famous DJ.


Egg London

City: London, UK

Egg London is one of the city’s most popular night spots, and with a 24-hour license, you know they know how to get keep the party going. The club plays house and techno music and there’s no offbeat dress code, so you can get in with casual wear.  Egg London is a good choice for a midweek all-night party and a weekend rave.



City: Riccione RN, Italy

Cocoricò is a legendary Italian club that opened 31 years ago, and today still reigns as Italy’s top disco club. With its futuristic pyramid design and trendy décor, Cocoricò is your destination for house and techno music, and for a glorious view of the sunrise through the pyramid’s glass panes, while the party continues.    



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