4 Rules to Follow at the Club

June 20, 2019


1. Carry a Small Purse

Don’t bring your purse that’s big enough to double as an overnight bag or your carryall that’s perfect to take to work because it holds everything. You don’t need anything bigger than a neat, small shoulder purse or a clutch. It needn't be super spacious because it’s not a day trip, it’s a nightclub, where you’ll be dancing, getting your drink on, and pushing and wiggling your way to the bar to order said drinks. Doing all that while wearing a brick on your shoulder will only cramp you style. Go with the smallest purse that can hold your essentials for the night — phone, ID, cash, lipstick, and a stick of gum for the not-so-pretty breath that comes after too much imbibing.      


2. Dress To Impress

You don’t need to go full red carpet with your outfit, but you should look like you got a little dolled up to go out. It’s a night out, so why not get cute and turn some heads? Wear a cute outfit that makes you feel confident, complemented with equally cute shoes; wear makeup you’re comfortable in; spray on some sexy perfume and put all that sexy, cool and confident energy on display.


3. Be Smart

If you’re going out alone, let a few people know where you’ll be. Never leave your food or drinks unattended. This is where going out with friends trumps going solo, but even if you’re out by yourself, keep your drink with you at all times. If you want to avoid drunk texting your boss or your ex, you should also be smart with your phone. Do yourself a favor and don’t take your phone out if you’re drunk. Don’t do it. It will only lead to the point of no return — and, of course, humiliation and regret.


4. Relax, Have Fun and Chill Out

In a crowded space, where people are drinking and often unsteady on their feet, you’re better off being more polite and less confrontational. If someone step on your foot, don’t lose you sh*t, just calmly let them know. Likewise, if you step on someone’s foot, do apologize. Lastly, don’t get on the wrong side of the staff, including the bouncer and the bartenders. Trust us, disrespecting the staff isn’t going to win you any cool points. 



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