Night Out on the Town: How to Pull off a Look That’s Comfortable and Stylish

August 6, 2019


A night out on the town can mean dancing, drinking, partying or any combination of the above. Although the venue depends on the kind of fun your group is having, most night-out-on-the-town occasions involve you plus a group of friends and a general intention to enjoy yourselves. Since going out for a night out on the town isn’t a regular weekend occurrence, this outing calls for an outfit that’s well-thought-out and well-coordinated. Here are our tips for balancing comfort and style on your next big night out.



For the ladies... 


A leather moto jacket is a versatile topper that can take your outfit to stylish new heights. You can pull off this look in a few different ways: over a t-shirt with jeans or a denim miniskirt, over a fitted dress (any color will work), or with an animal-print bottom.  


Another option for women is a wrap dress or midi dress that’s a little on the looser side. With the right accessories such as a statement belt or bold jewelry, your dress instantly becomes a fashionable choice without sacrificing comfort.


The final touches for your ensemble — the element that needs to complement the rest of your outfit — are comfy and stylish shoes. Nowadays, heels aren’t the only shoes that are stylish enough for a special night. A lot of summer trends this year feature comfortable shoes that also deliver on style. The Tailored Traveler by Samuel Hubbard are a great example.



For the guys...


Guys can’t go wrong with a structured denim look that’s coordinated and comfortable. The key here is to wear structured denim so your outfit looks more on the dressy side than it would if you were wearing your baggiest jeans with frayed hems. Start with a classic black jean or black chino pants and pair with a polo shirt or short-sleeved, button-down shirt and a well-fitting denim jacket. This look isn’t super dressy, but it’s a stylish outfit that fits the occasion.


Another stylish and comfortable look for guys is a tailored, long-sleeved black shirt paired with a dark wash jean. Yes, it’s summer and it’s hot, so if you can’t bear the long sleeves you can roll the sleeves up to your elbows without ruining the look. Hate to say it guys, but tucking the shirt definitely makes this outfit look sharper than if you leave the shirt untucked. This outfit looks polished and fashionable without looking like you’re trying too hard.


We also can’t forget the snazzy shoes for the guys’ night out. Check out Samuel Hubbard’s wide collection. Two of our top picks for stylish and comfortable footwear include the Founder and Ivy Legend by Samuel Hubbard.




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