How to Throw an Epic Nightclub Party

August 12, 2019


Planning a club party requires time, effort and dough. You have to coordinate the venue and the talent and get the word out to make sure people show up. And of course, you want people to have a blast at your event and ask you about the next one. Here are five tips for throwing an epic club party:


1. Pick the right date

Choose the right date for your party to maximize attendance. Definitely don’t plan it on Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day or Memorial Day weekend for obvious reasons — too much competition. Schedule your event between other party weekends, and if you can, host it on a weekend and not in the middle of the week. That way you can really take over the club.



2. Advertise and promote

Start promoting your party as early as possible and through every outlet you can think of. Spread it on social media, especially Instagram and Facebook, since these outlets will give you the greatest exposure. You can also go the email route and blast everyone you know. This will spread the word outside your circle and through your friends’ circles. If you want people to buy tickets in advance, Eventbrite is the best person for the job. You can list your event there, send the word out, share the link everywhere and make your party discoverable to an entire like-minded community.



3. Choose an appropriate venue

The club you choose needs to have a few key elements to make your party da bomb. A big enough dance floor, a big enough bar, and a really big sound system. Your venue should fit your needs and the atmosphere you want to create. Whether it’s an established club or a transformed warehouse space, pick a space where you can visualize your event. The Copacabana Time Square’s main floor boasts a roomy dance floor with lounge seating and advanced DJ equipment to really crank up the party. The best part is the room’s 50-foot bar, so you know your guests will get their drink on.



4. Pick solid entertainment

Your entertainment needs to be hypeworthy, period. Even if everything else is in order, the entertainment is what makes a club party. Look for an up-and-coming DJ in your city or community and negotiate a good rate. If you promote your event enough, you can go after someone who’s more established on the DJ scene, someone you know people will come out to see. People love special guests at parties, it makes them feel like they’re part of an exclusive scene. Make sure your special guest DJ is front and center when you’re promoting. Also, remember that club parties are great for discovering new, local talent, so don’t be afraid to book someone that people don’t know about. Your party could help put new talent on the map!



5. Have fun

Although party planning and making a million different decisions may have been stressful AF at times, when it’s time to party, it’s time to party. When the party unfolds and it looks like things are going smoothly, take a load off with your fellow partyers, dance, have a good time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Ask if the DJ will let you spend a few minutes in the DJ booth. Engage the crowd and encourage people to dance. The hotter party gets, the more people will feel the music and get into it. #musicmakesyoulosecontrol




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